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Our Mission Statement

“To provide the best customer service, highest quality products and fastest lead time at the lowest cost so our distributors excel.”

Company Profile

Sunshine Health Products, Inc. is a licensed manufacturer of professional quality teeth whitening products located in South Florida.

Our experienced management team has developed a line of complete oral care products that retail in thousands of locations and in over a dozen countries. While we were the first company to manufacture 22% and 35% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel, and the first company to introduce non peroxide and foaming products to Europe, we are equally dedicated to developing new approaches to the modern problems of oral health care.

Our superior products, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service have earned our reputation as the leader in the teeth whitening industry. We invite you to browse around our award-winning website and find the smile care product that is right for you.

You can be sure that all of our products are natural, unique and made to the best in its class.


We house all of our operations (production, printing, research and development, quality control and shipping) in our recently renovated 14,000 square foot facility with 24 employees.

A Message From The President, Cathie Rhames

Sunshine Health Products, Inc. is proud to announce the purchase of a 40,000 square foot building in which we built a state of the art manufacturing facility.

We would like to invite all of our distributors, domestic and international, to come visit. It is always important to see where your products are fabricated, assembled and shipped so you can express a high level of assurance to your customers that you are buying from a legitimate and well established company. Your experience becomes your customer’s eyes. As an organization, we follow all OSHA and GMP guidelines as well as International regulations. We would love to show you around!!

Due to COVID 19 we are not accepting visitors until further notice


At Sunshine Health Products, Inc. we are committed to using only the highest quality of raw materialsavailable ensuring that the product you receive will provide the results you expect Earlier this year we proudly announced that our products are now Kosher Certified ensuring that we use only the finest ingredients containing no animal by-products.

Our gels are formulated with no fillers or additives resulting in a 100% pure formula. We fabricate our gel fresh daily with only the finest Kosher ingredients and USP grade carbamide peroxide. Additionally, we utilize onlyBecton Dickinson syringes due to the fact that they are the global standard for the medical field and are made in the USA according to US regulations.

In compliance with FDA requirements, we print directly on syringes with hot stamp printing machines and do not use adhesive labels that will peel off. We implement continuous laboratory quality testing of all products for quality assurance.


Sunshine Health Products, Inc. is not responsible for products once they leave our facility since we have no control over the temperature the product is shipped in or the temperature in which the end user stores the product.

The FDA and OSHA have strict rules, regulations and guidelines by which we abide during manufacture, production and storage at our facility. However, shipments may be subjected to environmental problems (heating, humidity etc.) that would compromise the integrity of the product not to mention tampering.

If there is a valid problem with a product, within one week after the product has been shipped, we ask that you send back 50cc’s of gel for us to send to our lab for testing. If the lab test comes back with a confirmed problem we would send you a replacement product.

We cannot be responsible for issues that were caused by heat and storage noncompliance.

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