Letter to Distributors

Letter to Distributors

Sunshine Health Products, Inc. Made in the USA   Sunshine Health Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of oral teeth whitening products in the USA. Since our inception, we have grown steadily and consistently basing our operations on integrity, trust and providing the best product available in the market. All of these have combined to make us the industry leader for the last 17 years.

We are proud to announce that we have purchased a state of the art manufacturing facility increasing our current workable square footage from 13,000 to 40,000 square feet. Feel free to contact us to come visit our new facility.

We thank all of our current distributors for making this happen as a result of their true allegiance with our company.

The teeth whitening industry has become a $22 billion a year business with low start-up costs and high profits. The rapid growth of this industry has provided the perfect platform for a multitude of manufacturers to become part of this business. It has been determined that many of these new manufacturers will make promises they cannot keep nor are able to keep up with the demands of this industry.

Sunshine Health Products, Inc. was the first manufacturer to provide remineralization gel, tooth gloss, 35%, 36% and 44% carbamide peroxide gel to the US and the first manufacturer to distribute non-peroxide gel in Europe. Other products distributed in Europe include our advanced dual foam system which features a revolutionary new technology that removes stains and whitens teeth safely and rapidly using a foaming formulation that penetrates better than any paste or gel. All non-peroxide products were developed to accommodate European regulatory standards.

We welcome special requests for gel or liquid products that are outside of our normal existing products manufactured. We are able to fabricate any percentage allowable by governmental standards and regulations for the country we are distributing to. Lead time may have to be adjusted depending upon the complexity of the formulation. Custom print on syringes is available at no additional cost. We have also experienced great success in the distribution of kits designed for spa’s and salons as well as take home and maintenance kits.  Currently, our products are distributed in 42 countries. Our distribution is so far-reaching and with requirements of each country being slightly different, we provide required documents to customs of the importing country. We also provide MSDS as well as fee-based certificates of origin and certificates of free sale, upon request.  Sunshine Health Products, Inc. is an FDA registered organization and our teeth whitening products are Kosher Certified. This means that an independent inspector visits us unannounced semi-annually to ensure strict guidelines are being followed.  Our products include USP food grade ingredients and auxiliary products are ISO certified and USP compliant. All products are tested in our quality control laboratory to ensure they meet pre-established specifications before they are released to distributors.  We purchase the highest grade of raw materials available thereby, not cutting any corners. All raw materials and auxiliary products are made in the USA.  Our superior products, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service have earned us the reputation as the leader in the teeth whitening industry worldwide.

We invite you to browse our award-winning website and find the smile care product that is right for you.


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